What is this?

Skillprint is a living document that represents the things I can do and what I aspire to learn.

Creating this, I wanted to give my skills a sense of life — to let each one breath, speak, and grow. To tell stories and build cities. To dance wild and grow mature. What do they do in their time off? Who do they date? What do they reach towards?

I invite you to imagine who these people are — what these skills are. I have some thoughts, and would love for you to take a gander and explore.

— Andrew Lee

    Web Design


    Design Methods




    These are combinations that highlight interesting intersections of my skills.

    EdTech Prototyping

    • Needfinding
    • Classroom Experience
    • React.js

    When working for the Policy Implentation Lab in 2015, I used my background in classroom resources and methods to inform different ways to pursue EdTech-based (educational technology) resources to aid civil society organizations. My partner and I were needfinding in this space, and used our background knowledge to better structure our interviews. Part of my work was to take this information and use it to drive a prototype website which I made using React.js.

    Background in Critique

    • Web Design Tools
    • CAD Modeling
    • Creative Writing

    An important part of my process when designing things, whether it's on the web or physical, is to always seek out input from users. It's like when I'm writing a story: creative works will always seem right when I keep them to myself, but when I take them to somebody with fresh eyes, I can gain perspective. I agree we can't design in a vacuum, because at the end of the day, we're always designing for a user. Critique is critical to my process and I know I'm being foolish when I'm not buzzing around for advice.

    Interview Prep

    • Interviewing
    • Historical Research
    • Lesson Plan Development

    Preparing for interviews is a skill that I've developed over time, and I think my work with lesson plans and historical research play into my ability to craft a good interview plan. Not only did my prior experiences require deep collaboration in teams, like I did when I was teaching, but they also required me to stay up-to-date on recent developments in distant places (like in an interview I conducted with an activist from Bahrain in 2015).


    What am I trying to learn, get into, or better understand?


    Open-source Contributions

    CNC Routing

    Plastic Injection Molding

    Wood Turning

    Marketing & Business